Elgin Fringe Festival

Submitted by R.E. Maley on Fri, 03/06/2015 - 11:53am

Founded in 2014, the Elgin Fringe Festival features a variety of performances in unique venues all within walking distance. Imagine a modern dance performance at a local art gallery, and in an alley a couple blocks away an outdoor show featuring stage combat with batons, then around the corner in a brew pub there will be a play running, and in another historic building on the top floor live music played with a mix of swing and rock. Take all of this theater, dance, music and art, put it together in mix of performances from multiple groups and individuals throughout the region and country over the course of 4 days running from morning until night and you have Fringe Festival: diverse, dynamic and unexpected. And let's not forget the after Fringe parties, free pop-up performances, and children's performances at the fringe. Whatever Happens...Happens at a Fringe Festival and Elgin will embrace that idea.

Downtown Elgin was once a manufacturing city and is now revitalizing itself through the arts. The Elgin Fringe Festival will be a place for audiences and performers alike to come together and celebrate, collaborate, and initiate a new arts festival that will continue for years to come.

Elgin is a city of 110,000 people. It is a suburb of Chicago. In many ways we will be bringing a new idea to the city and its performers. It will be our job to 'sell' this idea to our fellow artists, highlighting the positive potential of this project in the City of Elgin and beyond.

The Fringe Festival Board of Directors is made up of local artists and organizers, including Nancy Guthrie, Sean Hargadon, Amanda Harris, Tanner Melvin, and Erin Rehberg, as well as an army of volunteers.

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